Watch Video: Senator De Lima Blames President Duterte Not Ronnie Dayan For Disrespecting Her Womanhood

Senator de Lima made a surprise media conference about her desperate move to get the sympathy of the people that she is not involved of illegal drugs when in fact the allegations would show that the proliferation of illegal drugs started during her term when she was still a justice secretary.

De Lima always blamed President Rodrigo Duterte for being a mastermind of extrajudicial killings of drug suspects when the truth the entire country almost became a dangerous drug haven for Filipinos. She portrayed herself as a Human Rights advocates when she allegedly allowed the rampant selling of narcotics inside the New Bilibid Prison in Muntinlupa City.

In a blog post of Mr. Alon Calinao Dy, he said, "President Duterte does not allow any violence in the country. Illegal drugs started the violence in the entire nation as it destroyed the peace living of Filipinos especially those families who want their family members to stay away with these deadly and addicting drugs. Because of the detrimental effects of narcotics, various crimes have been committed by these drug suspects, so it must be stopped. It is just right to support the current administration."

De Lima became too emotional as she thought she was right when the accusations about her while she was justice secretary started the "true extrajudicial killings" of innocent people and not the criminals. She was blamed for receiving payments from big-time drug lords inside the country's biggest prison and supposedly the most secured but it turned out to be the largest production of narcotics in the country.

Although De Lima denied all these allegations, most Filipinos do not trust her any longer and many netizens have called her as "immoral woman" as she admitted to have a romantic relationship with her personal driver Ronnie Dayan who had a wife and children. She did not admit their relationship at the beginning but because of obvious evidence she later confessed everything to the public.

Mr. Dy also said, "Since President Duterte took office, everything has changed. The country's biggest problem of illegal drugs attracted worldwide attention. In reality, narcotics had been one of the biggest problems of authorities not only in the Philippines but all over the world."

When De Lima called the president as a "killer," I laughed during her speech as it looked like she was disrespected as a woman. I felt she was just using her gender to hide all her alleged criminal activities. She wanted to get the sympathy of Filipinos but many have lost their confidence to this lady senator. She had to lie and portrayed herself as a victim of political attack when De Lima and her cohorts already started these fabricated stories and political attack against Duterte during campaign last May 2016 elections. I don't know but it seems De Lima was good about it, using her emotions, gender, and calm manner but she was a great pretender.

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