Watch Video: 'Generous' Senator Manny Pacquiao Starts Giving Houses To Homeless Filipinos

Senator Manny Pacquiao is not the only a global boxing icon, but he is also the real champion for the poor Filipinos. Nobody in the senate would dare to spend and give houses as this, what Pacquiao did to the poor is sharing God's blessings to the needy.

In a blog post of Mr. Alon Calinao Dy, he said "Senator Pacquiao brought many tears of joy to the poor families especially those homeless who could not afford building decent houses." 

Senator Pacquiao wrote this: 

Senator Pacquiao knows how to be poor because he came from a poor family. Hospitality is not something new for Filipinos, in fact, many Filipinos are known to be hospitable. Mr. Dy said, "it is a trait displayed by a lot of Filipinos in and outside the country."

The low cost houses that Senator Pacquiao gave to the homeless Filipinos would bring millions of smiles on their faces. These are simple but decent houses because the senator would like to build good communities that are law-abiding citizens with love and respect to other people.

The senator led the ceremony before giving the houses he built to the masses. It is something one of the needs of people in life is to have a shelter. Pacquiao knew that it is difficult to have a house especially if you have no good source of income. It would take years for an ordinary worker or government employee to build it. 

Though not everyone is lucky enough to be selected, Pacquiao continues to believe that he is going to continue what he started, giving houses to the homeless and giving donations to the poor people. 

This video was posted by Mocha Uson on her blog, an evidence that the 'generous' Senator Manny Pacquiao donated houses to the 100 lucky homeless Filipinos.

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