Viral Video: Amazing Filipino Drunkard Who Drinks 1 Litter of Alfonso For $3 Price

By Alon Calinao Dy: I've known many heavy drinkers who claimed that they can consume too much of alcoholic beverages and denied detrimental effects on the body

Look at this amazing and viral video of a Filipino who drank 1 litter of Alcoholic Alfonso for $3 price or 150 pesos. 

At first, I couldn't believe this guy that he would drink it all the way. Thinking about its side effects, as a nurse, it is possible that he might suffer alcoholic hepatitis. I don't know...

One time when I was still a high school student and a seminarian at Seminario De Jesus Nazareno in Borongan, Eastern Sama. Our Rector Fr. Leroy Geli, an amazing, good and very smart priest told us to write about any topics for term paper as one of the high school requirements. So I chose my topic about alcohol abuse and alcoholism.

I found out that drinking alcohol has no beneficial effects on the body. Perhaps, some people say, "drink moderately." For those people who knew me, I really don't drink alcoholic beverages. I admit I became addicted to alcohol when I was a high student, but after so many research about alcohol dependence, I strongly advise to stay away drinking alcohol, especially for those young people, stop it early.

Last time when I was a college student, one of my friends told me, "hey Alon Dy, your life is too boring without drinking alcohol." Perhaps, he was right and told me to enjoy life with alcohol. But as I said, after I read and so many research in high school about the effects of alcohol on the body, alcohol has no beneficial effect for my own understanding.

Let us accept the fact that drinking alcohol has killed millions and millions of people each year because it allows you to continue your addiction. It may be a cause of road accidents, unemployment, marriage problems, health problems, and so many things.

Of course, if one cannot avoid drinking alcohol, always drink moderately... My suggestion is that don't let alcohol controls you, but make sure you know your limits.

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