A Sister is Claiming Her Slain Brother As An Innocent Person During Buy Bust Operation in Cebu City

Rhosebelle Taboada wrote a post in Facebook saying that her slain brother, who just passed the board for criminologist, was an innocent person during buy bust operation last January 19 in Cebu City. She wrote this letter entitled JUSTICE FOR MY INNOCENT BROTHER!!! 

This is what she said:

It's not even an accident nga napusilan ka! Tuyo jod nga gipusil ka when the PDEA and SWAT TEAM arrived around 6pm, thursday January 19,2017 for RAID or BUY BUST operation. Everyone knows how good you are and knowing that MY BROTHER IS NOT OR NEVER BEEN INVOLVE IN SUCH THING AS DRUGS!!! 

Calling the name of our President Duterte,  PDEA & SWAT team, and all the anti drugs team. Do you think that by killing someone in every operation is a mission accomplish just for the sake that you waste someone's life. Haaaa, you don't even know who is your real target. You should have the right information first especially names and faces before killing or shooting someone. YOU JUST KILLED THE INNOCENT ONE. YOU JUST KILLED THE PERSON WHO JUST GRADUATED AND JUST PASS THE BOARD EXAM FOR CRIMINOLOGIST last year!!! YOU JUST KILLED THE ONE WHO IS GOING TO BE A POLICE!!! DAMN !!! 

And the PDEA team themselves are the one who sent out my brother to the hospital, and while they are on their way someone just said: "ITAPON NA YAN" See!!! How fucking bullshit they are!!!! 

Me, my two sisters and my baby went directly to the hospital after we've got the bad news. Never thought that the nurse just simply ask me to process the death clearance!!!After I heard that, my world is crashing, me and my 2 sisters cried and cried, never thought that we will see our Brother again in the Morgue 😭 My heart is aching, so much pain inside. Never did I see myself processing that Death Clearance when I feel a lot of anger inside. 

And after they sent out my brother to the hospital it was a DEAD ON ARRIVAL!!! 😭😭😭😭😭 I KNOW TRUTH WILL REVEAL!!! 

In a blog post of Mr. Alon Calinao Dy,  he said "President Duterte said before that the problem of illegal drugs in the country was so huge that he could not imagine the timeframe from 3 to 6  months was not enough to end the battle of narcotics." 

It is true that former generals who are involved of narcotics have still the influence to some of our law enforcers to these days. But the thing is, not all the extrajudicial killings should be blamed to the president. 

President Duterte himself threatened those law enforcers who are involved of illegal drugs that he would kill them if he knows something about their criminal activities. 

If Rhosebelle Taboada is certain that her brother is an innocent person and never did use narcotics, she could directly go to PNP Chief Ronald Dela Rosa or to the Office of the President in order to have a justice for her slain brother. After all, Duterte administration is for everyone.

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