Senator Kiko Pangilinan Opposes The Restoration of Death Penalty in the Philippines

According to Senator Kiko Pangilinan "huwag naman patayin ang mga kriminal." 

In the Philippines, lots of Filipinos demand DEATH PENALTY for those people who committed heinous crimes, particularly those who are corrupt, illegal drug lords and killer rapists.

Though CBCP, Human Rights advocates and Liberal Party said that Capital Punishment won't bring down crimes against women, drugs, and other issues, President Duterte wanted to have this kind of punishment in the country in order to protect a majority of innocent people. 

An example, a father of a rape victim decided to put these killer rapists in a public execution after he confirmed that his daughter was raped and killed by these cruel criminals. Do you think Human Rights advocates, CBCP and the opposition of Duterte administration will allow it to happen in the country? 

Some say that death penalty is the harsh punishment for killer rapists, but others say that it is in fact an easy way out for the criminals than having a slow and painful death. 

In a blog post of Mr. Alon Calinao Dy, he said "it is the right time to change the mindset of society when it comes to capital punishment. I think most criminals nowadays kill their rape victims. And so, it is OK for me to give them what they deserve." 

I think death penalty will help in preventing rape crimes against children and women. In the country, the real culprits are not actually caught because our society gives a bad impression to women who have dated these seems 'good guys' but turned out as killer rapists. Also, Filipinos should take bold steps to change the perception and attitude of men towards women. 

Let us start a real change in ourselves. President Duterte, who has been called as a 'sex maniac' by his critics, has actually so much respect for women. Filipinos should respect every women and should not look up them as objects meant to fulfill male desires. 

In my opinion, there should be a death penalty to eliminate those bad elements in our society. The government should have a harsh punishment for these heartless criminals and protect the victims or victim's family of a possible retaliation coming from the suspects.

Let's start creating a mindset that women and men were created as equal. Let us understand the fact that being a victim of such a horrific crime, it is very hard to come out and say that you are raped. In order to protect these rape victims, let's speed up our system and increase the conviction rate.
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