Mocha Uson Calls Congressman Jeffrey Khonghun An 'Epal'

Mocha Uson has expressed her opinion about some politicians who used the government projects and put their name on it. An 'Epal' means a shameless self-promotion politician. 

I admired Mocha Uson for being a very brave person and called Congressman Jeffrey Khonghun an 'Epal' who wants to promote himself to the public.

Actually, Congressman Khonghun is just one of many politicians in the Philippines who does this when there are government projects they usually put their names on it.

When one person goes to Eastern Visayas particularly in Western Samar, Eastern Samar and Northern Samar, these high-profile politicians seemed they own all the government projects because their names are all over it, and too much corruption still exists today. 

In a blog post of Mr. Alon Calinao Dy, he said "this is one of the reasons why corruption still exists because people think politicians give them the favor not from the government." 

It is true until now that local government employees think that they must serve their masters (referring to local politicians) not the people around them because they are the reasons why they have jobs. 

Let's start changing the perceptions of the people by what President Rodrigo Duterte did a couple of years ago, when supertyphoon Haiyan devastated almost all the regions in Eastern Visayas especially in Tacloban City, Duterte simply put a note to the Haiyan victims "you are not forgotten from Davao City" not his own name or someone's name but representing the people of Davao City when sending donations. 

Every politician should think that the current administration wants a clean government. Think always what is your role as a politician and why the government is paying you salary because it has expectations that you do your part as a good public servant.

I think that's how leaders should help the locals, and not being an 'Epal' as what Mocha Uson said on her blog post earlier today. And of course, locals will appreciate you more if you do not promote yourself to them. People need to know the good results not just being an 'Epal' or big mouth politician. 

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