Between President Duterte And Senator De Lima: Who is Praying For The Filipinos And For The Philippines Truthfully?

By Alon Calinao Dy: Filipinos have seen Senator Leila De Lima with a number of nuns and priest around her at the church when the final moment has just arrived that the allegations about her involvement in illegal drug trade at the New Bilibid Prison in Muntinlupa City have witnesses who pointed out that she's one of them.

This controversial photo of Sen. De Lima with nuns and priests around him said something much about the alleged support of CBCP to the lady senator. It seems De Lima got a full support from these religious people who prayed for her safety and tolerating her alleged criminal activities.

Before President Duterte became The President, he prayed solemnly to God for His guidance because he knew he would create a lot of enemies and even put his life in danger for exposing anomalies in the government.

The Mindanaoan President knew that being a president was putting your life at greater risk in order for a real change to attain than just sitting around and let the fate of the Philippines be in the hands of corrupt government officials.

It's just hard to believe why some religious groups give more importance to the lives of ceiminals than to the lives of innocent people who are being killed because of illegal drugs and crimes committed by powerful people in the country. 

The good thing is, Filipinos now realize the importance of actions with prayers than prayers without actions. In my personal opinion, I believe President Duterte cares a lot for the Filipinos and has more sincere than Sen. Leila De Lima who asked for prayers and support to some religious groups.

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