Watch A Video Of Senator De Lima To Duterte Supporters: They Are Blind And Liars About Extrajudicial Killings

By Alon Calinao Dy: Senator Leila De Lima has complained to International communities about the sudden rise of extrajudicial killings in the Philippines. But Duterte's followers believed that the government is doing its best to eliminate drug lords and pushers who until now continue to destroy people's lives.

Many Filipinos said that a lot of innocent people died during the past administrations of Arroyo and Aquino than the current administration whose one of he ultimate focus is to eliminate drugs in the country and reduce heinous crimes committed by drug users and other abusive criminals.

De Lima also said that more than 2000 people had already died during Duterte administration when she was asked by the CNN correspondent. It seems the CNN interviewer was not satisfied with De Lima's solutions against a major problem of illegal drugs.

The lady senator was asked about what she could do to prevent a rampant proliferation of illegal drugs, De Lima just said to intensify the campaign against drug use and added to fix the law enforcement.

Netizens slammed Sen. De Lima after her one-on-one interview at the CNN TV station since her solutions to stop illegal drug trade in the country are not enough to reduce crimes and corruption since some government officials are involved in these criminal activities as well.

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