Senator Antonio Trillanes IV Calls Duterte Supporters as Cult Followers

It’s hard to imagine despite the great efforts of President Rodrigo Duterte, Senator Antonio Trillanes IV has called his supporters as cult followers, as many people do not believe anymore to what he says, and if they think about it, some people would laugh about it. Is it a joke?
Trillanes had fought anyone and it seems he went beyond the boundaries without even the respect for other senators who showed him with high regard. 

In a blog post of Mr. Alon Calinao Dy, he said "Duterte followers are not cult. They just have a lot of respect to the president because he is a honest and true leader for Filipinos who have lost hope to the corrupt system of the government from the past administrations." 

Digong supporters are the thinking Filipinos who have finally won the battle when the Duterte became a first Mindanaoan president of the Republic of the Philippines. It seems Trillanes did not accept the fact that the president now is Duterte, not Aquino. 

Instead of being a peacemaker, this troublemaker senator said something that offend Duterte supporters. How do you feel when you are called as cult followers? Happy or not? But then, as I said, there wasn't anybody who took him seriously. 

Trillanes can always say what he wants to say to Duterte supporters, but do not expect some respect from them. A lot of times he was making problems with anyone, but Duterte supporters will not be intimidated about his arrogance.

But anyway, Mr. Dy added "for as long as there are illegal drugs, various crimes and corruption in the country, Duterte supporters will not stop making noise in social media to have a better and safe place for everyone. So expect a majority of Filipinos will always support President Duterte's advocacy." 

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