Why Dolores Borres Thinks President Duterte is the Last Hope For The Filipinos?

By Alon Calinao Dy: A loyal supporter of President Rodrigo Duterte, Dolores Aperocho Borres, a 45-year-old female originally came from Roxas, Capiz in the Philippines and an OFW from Taiwan for 23 years, believes that Philippines is so fortunate to have a honest, intelligent, down-to-earth president in the country.

Ms. Borres said, "I support Mayor Duterte because he is the only hope for the younger generation and for all of us, of course." 

Borres admired President Duterte and said that she voluntarily supported the former brave mayor of Davao City because it is her own to decision by saying "I'm so proud of our president and it's really from the bottom of my heart why I supported him."

Being a supporter of President Duterte is not that easy as many times some critics would call you as DUTERTARDS, but who cares? Borres explained that the most difficult time she encountered was on July 2015 when some of the so called friends bullied her of supporting President Duterte.

It is hard because some people misjudged Duterte supporters as Bullies without thinking that a lot of times Duterte followers also encountered degrading messages coming from the opposition. 

Borres said, "I felt so humiliated about what happened and when my Facebook account was hacked. I cried a lot.." Good thing, a trusted friend of her came to the rescue and advised her to move on and continue to look forward for the good and positive people who can help her. 

Borres is a supporter of President Rodrigo Duterte for over a year now. She is also a friend of Mr. Alon Calinao Dy, an avid supporter of President Duterte and a blogger on social media world. She advised Duterte followers to continue to pray for our beloved president and for the Philippines. 

She also thanked God for having a president like President Duterte and for being focused in eliminating illegal drugs in the country. 

Borres added, "I really felt the change now. I hope that one day when I go back home I will be safe. Just continue to stand for him..." Like many Filipinos, she considered President Duterte a real and a living hero for Filipinos by showing a good example for everyone. 

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