Big Statement From Kris Aquino To President Duterte: 'I Hope You'll Love Me One Day'

By Alon Calinao Dy: TV host-actress Kris Aquino on Friday felt disappointed after her much-awaited interview with President Rodrigo Duterte was rejected for some reasons.

Kris Aquino was supposed to meet Duterte at the National Micro, Small, and Medium Entrepreneurs’ (MSME) Summit 2016 in Davao City. But the actress did not get what she wanted to happen.
According to some reports, President Duterte did not make it to the event because he was sick as he tackled more important things outside the country from a two-day visit in Malaysia.
Kris Aquino is still hoping that someday President Duterte will gonna love her after the said meeting did not push through. 
"President Duterte, please give me a chance. I hope one day mamahalin mo rin ako (one day you will love me)," the TV host-actress said during her interview. 
Many netizens wondered why Kris Aquino wanted to talk to the President after the hurt and pain they have caused to Duterte family, friends and millions of Filipino followers around the world. 
According to the blog of Mr. Alon Calinao Dy, "President Duterte hates hypocrisy." It's not that the president avoids peace, but he has have strong principles, beliefs and virtues in life. That's why President Duterte always said to those pretenders "STOP BEING HYPOCRITES."

In our society, hypocrisy is common especially in the world of politics. I guess this golden rule will answer why hypocrisy is so bad to people: Do to others what you'd want them to do to you, and don't do to others what you wouldn't want them to do to you.

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