A List of Wonderful Pictures And Videos Of Baby Aobhie Bautista Dy

By Alon Calinao Dy: Some people say that having a daughter is a special gift from God above especially in the heart of the father. But of course, she is definitely a special darling to her mother as well. I'm sure of that.

My baby Aobhie Bautista Dy is one and only daughter that we always treasure in our lives. Each day, she brought happiness and sweet smile in our lives. That's why I spent more time at home rather than going outside with my friends. 

Our birthday is coming on November 14, first time together in the US― Yes, the three of us have the same birthday! Though we don't have a big celebration for that day, we always think that we're blessed by God's true love since there are only a few family members who share the same birthday.

I only wish what loving parents usually wish for their children is for their every child to grow up as a good person with a huge respect to other people, and I believe you are born with great talents. I wish that all your dreams come true.

I thank Aobhie's aunts, uncles, cousins, grandparents (mommy Perla and Daddy Greg) who treasured and loved her like a real princess when we were still in the Philippines. 

I also thank my parents here in the US, my little brother and most specially to my sister who never forgets to help us not only through special gifts she sent to us but by always thinking of our welfare even though I haven't given her anything in return. I'm so proud and lucky to have a loving and supportive sister. 

These are a list of wonderful photos and videos of our baby: 

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