Viral Video of Guy Inside Bus Says 'Sorry' On Social Media

By Alon Calinao Dy: A guy inside the bus, Pepito Robles, said "sorry" about the bad incident that happened a few days ago.

Robles said he felt threatened about the unsual behaviour of the woman.

The woman was insulted and had no plan to forgive Mr. Robles, a seaman who was in the viral video.

According to the neighbors of Mr. Robles, they said that it was not the first incident that Mr. Robles did it.

Many viewers have been insulted with the way this guy handled his temper especially against this poor woman inside the bus.

Also, who would have thought that  a seaman by profession would bring a deadly guy inside the public utility-- giving a warning to a woman that he would shot her?

I don't know if he really has a gun or not according to what he said in the video, but the way many Filipinos see it that this guy may pose a threat to every woman out there.

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