Pasikatin: A Guy Who Wants To Become An Instant Celebrity

Trending Newsfeed Info Facebook page shared photos of a guy who made stupid posts, holding and pointing a deadly gun to children. 

When you see these kind of photos on social media, do you think it is funny? In a blog post of Mr. Alon Calinao Dy, he said "it seems the guy wants a public attention. Let's give it to him. But you should not post pictures pointing your gun directly to these innocent children."

Even if, let's say you are just cracking a joke, it is still dangerous and deadly. So many children nowadays browse Facebook and they may look at it as cool thing to do even though it may cause accidents. 

Recent history shows on social media particularly in Facebook that some people do stupid posts just to create a 'buzz' or the attention of a lot of netizens. 

I think these children do not know what this stupid guy is doing... But whatever this guy is doing, he needs to stop it. 

This photo becomes viral after this guy posted his photos on Facebook. In just a few minutes, this earned thousands of likes and shares.

Outraged netizens shared these photos including a page named Trending Newsfeed info. The main reason why they shared it because they wanted to alert the DSWD about this incident committed by this guy.

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