Musician And Songwriter Jimmy Bondoc: The Real Sick People Are Duterte's Haters, Trolls And Paid Media

According to a well-known musician and songwriter Jimmy Bondoc, "the president is not sick. He is TIRED." Tired of all his haters, trolls and paid media who wanted to put him down.

Bondoc said, "I know most of you love him, while some of you hate him. All I know is during dinner last night, he showed us the list of all corrupt politicians, drug-involved policemen, druglords and narcopoliticians."

The songwriter defended the president by saying, "he is now OUR president. If the President is wrong in some aspects of his leadership, who is in a better position to contribute to his leadership? Haters? Trolls? Paid media? "

The singer added, "sure, he is Tired. But sorry, HATErs. He keeps waking up stronger and angrier. Yes, angrier. But his plans, if you would ONLY listen well enough, are as straight and clear as day. The weeds and the wheat shall be separated by our God-appointed leader. You want to help?" 

Bondoc ended by saying "stop watering the weeds."

In a blog post of Mr. Alon Calinao Dy, he said, "Mr. Bondoc defended the president against his detractors because he knew that Duterte is a true and honest leader who will fight for what is right, especially the rights of poor Filipinos who had been slaves for decades by these yellow minions, paid media and oligarchs."

Lots of Filipinos will continue to support and love the President no matter what the evil plans of opposition against him. Filipinos are smart and intelligent compared before as they can easily access to any information on social media to these days.

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