Watch President Rodrigo Duterte Says 'I Just Want To Be An Ordinary President, Not A Statesman' At Al Jazeera Interview

By Alon Calinao Dy: In an Interview by Al Jazeera to Philippine President Rodrigo Duterte, the head of the State said that he wanted to be an ordinary president, not to be just a statesman. 

The president became popular when he spoke on his mind and had a firm stance about the International policy. 

Duterte was loved by many Filipinos and got the respect of international communities around the world not only he has a courage to do things but he fulfilled his promises.

The current administration maintained good relationship among powerful countries like China, Russia, Japan, and USA. 

In terms of drug war of  Philippine government against drug lords, Duterte stood firm that he would continue to hunt them and eliminate those drug syndicates in the country.

The problem in the Philippines Filipinos could no longer close their eyes is that there are a lot of crimes that have not resolved, so president wanted to make a strong judicial system in the country.

Duterte said, "I am 71 years old, I just want to make Philippines a better and safe country for every Filipino."

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