Tuesday, March 31, 2015

Congressman Manny Pacquiao Congratulates Filipino Boxing Champions

By Alon Calinao Dy: Eight-division World Champion and WBO Welterweight Champion Manny Pacquiao (57-5-2, 38 KOs) is going to fight on May 2nd against WBA/WBC Welterweight Champion Floyd Mayweather Jr (47-0, 26 KO) at the MGM Grand in Las Vegas, Nevada.

It's the fight of the century! But before it takes place, Pacquiao extends his support to Filipino boxing champs and congratulates Nietes, Donaire, and Pagara for giving honor in the country.

Donnie Nietes defended well his title against Gilberto Parra of Mexico last Saturday. Guess what? He is at present the longest reigning Filipino WBO light-flyweight title holder. I mean the longest Filipino champion in the Philippines who has fought and successfully secured his crown.

Former world champion Nonito "The Filipino Flash" Donaire showed his boxing skills when he displayed amazing left uppercuts and hooks against the Brazilian boxer William Prado that ended their Pinoy Pride fight in just second round.

Albert "Prince" Pagara remains unbeaten and defeated his Mexican opponent Rodolfo Hernandez in the undercard of Pinoy Pride 30 at the Smart Araneta Coliseum. He is still a young and courageous fighter. Filipino boxing fans will see his fights for quite some time.

Tuesday, March 24, 2015

Jeane Napoles: A Princess Diary

By Alon Calinao Dy: Jeane Napoles, the daughter of the alleged pork barrel queen Janet ‘Jenny’ Lim-Napoles, has been criticized on the internet showing her lavish lifestyle.

Pictures have surfaced in the social media that she was driving a limousine, having parties with the celebrities in the US, and other expensive events that one would immediately recognize that she came from a wealthy family.

Critics said that a million of Filipinos have no food on the table, but the daughter of Janet Napoles spent so much money like a real princess.

BIR Commissioner Kim Henares had an idea to check her income tax paid, and only to find out that she has to pay a huge amount of money because of her acquired properties in the US and in the Philippines.

Monday, March 16, 2015

Beware of Oranges Injected with HIV Blood

By Alon Calinao Dy: This is really a bad news for all fruit lovers out there who consume oranges each day. This image goes around in the social media from Danny Boy's Facebook account that oranges originated from Libya have positive HIV blood.

I don't understand why some people enjoy terrorizing others not only through deadly weapons but also an intention to infect innocent people. An individual who does this may have a sadistic personality disorder.

Whether this news report is genuine or not, it is better to be careful and buy goods from the trusted grocery stores and dealers. Let us constantly remember the popular saying "Health is wealth."

Friday, March 13, 2015

MNLF Wants an Arrest Warrant For Two Political Negotiators: Iqbal and Murad

By Alon Calinao Dy: Moro National Liberation Front (MNLF), founded by Nur Misuari, wants an arrest warrant for two Moro Islamic Liberation Front (MILF) political negotiators named Iqbal and Murad, who are allegedly not Filipinos and have key roles about the proposed Bangsamoro Basic Law to be put in jail in response to economic sabotage and espionage.

The official Facebook page of MNLF seems they oppose about the proposed Bangsamoro Basic Law, and posted the following video that has alleged testimony of the former DILG Secretary Alunan about the sabotage peace operation in Mindanao between the Malaysian government and Aquino regime. Unfortunately, this video posted on Facebook unable to open on YouTube.

MNLF Director for Communications, John R. Petalcorin, stated their reasons why MNLF does not support the Bangsamoro Basic Law. If you want to know their propositions, visit their website here.

Now it is crystal clear that MNLF and MILF have different views about the proposed Bangsamoro Basic Law and Nur Misuari clearly opposes about the implementation since MILF demands the government to grant their wishes in order to avoid a bloody war; according to MNLF, this is endless threats and provocation of opposing camps which they do not support.

On the other hand, MILF supporters who agree for the BBL, campaign the new law to be passed as they tell critics to read first this bill before reacting and giving personal opinions violently. To participate in the debate between the Anti and Pro BBL, you can connect for the fearless talks here.

However, if you are totally against BBL, you can like the page here.

Monday, March 9, 2015

Sajid Islam Ampatuan is Temporarily Released

By Alon Calinao Dy: Sajid Islam Ampatuan, one of the accused masterminds of massacre in the province of  Maguindanao that killed 58 people including media men in November 2009, has been released because aside from a weak evidence he also spent large amounts of money for his temporary liberty.

Ampatuan family is thought to be one of the most influential political clans in the Philippines. Former Maguindanao Governor Andal Ampatuan Sr. allegedly accused several killings in Maguindanao when he was under the regime of Former President Gloria Macapagal-Arroyo.

According to a reliable news report, the court has given Sajid Ampatuan temporary freedom after the opposing party did not show a strong evidence to detain the former Maguindanao governor's son.

This is the first time that ever happened to our justice system with a multiple accounts of killings, let one of the members of Ampatuan go even though it's impermanent. Does it mean the rest of the Ampatuan family will come after?

Thursday, March 5, 2015

5 Major Reasons Why The Philippines is Still A Poor Country

By Alon Calinao Dy: While it's true "it's more fun in the Philippines," we can't hide the reality that the word fun is commonly applied for those Filipinos who have lots of money to go anywhere they want to be and eat three meals a day.

I don’t think we can necessarily just say "I am rich because I am happy being with my family," but if we are going to take a look the Philippines in general, there are many poor people than the rich ones.

As a politically aware individual, I can only speak on behalf of my own ideas why our beloved nation suffers too much from the people who just think of themselves rather than the best interest of the majority.

I've written 5 major reasons why the Philippines is still a poor country until today: 

1. Politics- we live in a world of politics. In the Philippines, the influence of politics is powerful in all aspects of our lives. Most candidates who enter politics are not there to serve and protect the interest of the poor, but by themselves, their own businesses.

The evil of politics is when you do everything to keep your power even if you are obliged to do something bad at the expense of killing your political rivals. Thus if you have enjoyed politics, you are going to steal people's money for your future candidacy.

2. Corruption- Everyone knows that corruption is a big problem in the country. When political leaders say they are not corrupt, it's a big lie. BULLSh!T.

I was not born yesterday,  all I can say: "Ang Magnanakaw ay galit sa kapwa magnanakaw." In English, Thieves are mad to their fellow thieves.

Is it survival of the thieves not the fittest? Nowadays, the situation gets worse because leaders from the highest government to the lowest government position know how to steal people's money. They live from the people's tax. What a shame!

3. Character- Filipinos have a mix of attitudes and values. We are not united in terms of who is a great leader. We always have something to say against each other. We do not know how to listen to one another's personal opinion. 

All we know we are the experts and know what is best for the country. Hey, just take a one-minute time out and calm your senses!

4. Lack of A Strong Justice System- Criminals and brutal gangs are everywhere. They recognize our laws have no claws and so, they can do whatever they want to do because they have a lot of connections, money, and power.

Another instance is those hold-uppers who committed an actual criminal offense. If there is no complaint, then the case is automatically closed. 

We know they have perpetrated a terrible crime, why wouldn't our law enforcers execute them to cut down their growing numbers? Oh, we have Human Rights who sometimes tolerate their bad activities.

5. Unrest in Mindanao- We all know that war is bad for the economy. If there is a violence within the area, many business establishments are going to shut down, and the ones who are being affected by this scenario are the common laborers who have families to feed.

The impact of war is only the devastation of many innocent lives. Unless the Philippines has peace and order in Mindanao, nothing will change. 

It is significant to have a lasting peace in Mindanao, but the Bansangmoro Basic Law is not a guarantee that we are going to achieve the kind of peace we all ever want.

Wednesday, March 4, 2015

The Clash Between A Spider And A Bee

By Alon Calinao Dy: Out of curiosity and excitement, I took this video since I am tired of hearing news about the different conflicts of people may it be on the radio or TV.

The story portrays differently to the rest of us (humans) , this is what I witnessed an hour ago. I didn't expect that the bee is going to survive about the surprise attack from the mighty spider.

In this video, it seems the spider is really hungry and wants to eat the bee alive.

The spider had given all the remaining power to catch its prey into the webs, but the bee did not give up and wanted to survive and so, a poisonous tail from the bee almost hit the body of its predator.

Out of fear, the spider went away and the bee had finally won in what we called the battle of survival.

I am sorry for the grammar mistakes I made such as "Have, Bees, and End." I could no longer edit the sentences I already stated. Enjoy the close encounter between a spider and a bee.

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Tuesday, March 3, 2015

Kathniel: The Most Influential Teen Stars Today

By Alon Calinao DyIt is undeniable that Kathryn Bernardo and Daniel Padilla, known as Kathniel, are the most influential and popular teen stars these days.

Most teenagers at the same age as theirs have looked up to them as their role models. These famous celebrities had been in a big controversy lately, but they'd handled it so well that their loyal supporters stood by them.

It is true that the teen queen and teen king took the country by surprise when their movie 'Crazy Beautiful You' was released by Star Cinema on February 8. It is now estimated over 120 million pesos in profits. TRULY AMAZING!

Sunday, March 1, 2015

Jason Dy Crowns As The Grand Champion of The Voice of the Philippines Season 2

By Alon Calinao Dy: Jason Dy of Butuan City won the second season of "The Voice of the Philippines" on Sunday. The 24-year-old singer became emotional when he was announced the champion who garnered many votes from the viewers across the country.

Dr. Ronetu Pajota, who was very impressed of the two contestants Jason Dy of Team Sarah and Alisah Bonaobra of Team Apl in the finale of the ABS-CBN's reality show, believed that the charm of Sarah Geronimo was a big factor why the male singer won the competition.

Who would have forgotten Lyca Gairanod, the voice kids champion, who was under Team Sarah in the first season? Yet, Jason has a unique charisma that the audience would love to listen during his singing contest. He will become the next 'stage superstar' who would guest in different TV shows.

I would advise Jason Dy to always sing from the heart and keep his feet on the ground. I am sure he is going to appear in many live show performances, but to stay in the showbiz he should always show professionalism at work.

Of course, there would only be one Martin Nievera and Gary Valenciano in the Philippines, but Jason would be building his own name every time he has a stage performance because his singing skills are amazing.

Once again, congratulations for your outstanding performance last night!

Did Cavite Vice Governor Jolo Revilla Commit Suicide?

By Alon Calinao Dy: Actor and Cavite vice-governor Jolo Revilla accidentally suffered a gunshot wound while he was cleaning his pistol that hit his upper shoulder through and through.

He was immediately rushed to the Asian Hospital in Muntinlupa, but refused to give more details about the incident and denied that he attempted suicide according to their family attorney.

Despite what happened to the young Revilla, critics on Facebook are saying that he is simply looking for sympathy of the people due to the alleged involvement of his father, Senator Bong Revilla, in the pork barrel scam.

It is bad to compare a son from his father, although it is somewhat normal to be involved and affected from the ongoing case if one of the family members is on the trial. The young actor may be suffering from a depression, a disease which I considered but not common in the Philippines.

There were many speculations about the tragedy, but Revilla Family is asking for prayers  and understanding of the incident. 

As of this moment, the young politician is still in the intensive care unit (ICU) of the Asian Hospital and Medical Center after he unintentionally shot himself.