The Clash Between A Spider And A Bee

By Alon Calinao Dy: Out of curiosity and excitement, I took this video since I am tired of hearing news about the different conflicts of people may it be on the radio or TV.

The story portrays differently to the rest of us (humans) , this is what I witnessed an hour ago. I didn't expect that the bee is going to survive about the surprise attack from the mighty spider.

In this video, it seems the spider is really hungry and wants to eat the bee alive.

The spider had given all the remaining power to catch its prey into the webs, but the bee did not give up and wanted to survive and so, a poisonous tail from the bee almost hit the body of its predator.

Out of fear, the spider went away and the bee had finally won in what we called the battle of survival.

I am sorry for the grammar mistakes I made such as "Have, Bees, and End." I could no longer edit the sentences I already stated. Enjoy the close encounter between a spider and a bee.

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