MNLF Wants an Arrest Warrant For Two Political Negotiators: Iqbal and Murad

By Alon Calinao Dy: Moro National Liberation Front (MNLF), founded by Nur Misuari, wants an arrest warrant for two Moro Islamic Liberation Front (MILF) political negotiators named Iqbal and Murad, who are allegedly not Filipinos and have key roles about the proposed Bangsamoro Basic Law to be put in jail in response to economic sabotage and espionage.

The official Facebook page of MNLF seems they oppose about the proposed Bangsamoro Basic Law, and posted the following video that has alleged testimony of the former DILG Secretary Alunan about the sabotage peace operation in Mindanao between the Malaysian government and Aquino regime. Unfortunately, this video posted on Facebook unable to open on YouTube.

MNLF Director for Communications, John R. Petalcorin, stated their reasons why MNLF does not support the Bangsamoro Basic Law. If you want to know their propositions, visit their website here.

Now it is crystal clear that MNLF and MILF have different views about the proposed Bangsamoro Basic Law and Nur Misuari clearly opposes about the implementation since MILF demands the government to grant their wishes in order to avoid a bloody war; according to MNLF, this is endless threats and provocation of opposing camps which they do not support.

On the other hand, MILF supporters who agree for the BBL, campaign the new law to be passed as they tell critics to read first this bill before reacting and giving personal opinions violently. To participate in the debate between the Anti and Pro BBL, you can connect for the fearless talks here.

However, if you are totally against BBL, you can like the page here.

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