Senator Leila De Lima And Senator Franklin Drilon Want To Remove President Duterte From His Power

Many Netizens do believe that Senator Leila De Lima and Senator Franklin Drilon want to remove President Rodrigo Roa Duterte from his power as a duly elected president according to a lot of social media posts. De Lima, who criticized Duterte for his war against illegal drugs, is now in jail facing allegations that she is the Protector of drug lords across the Philippines. 

According to a lot of reports in social media, aside from senator Leila De Lima, Drilon is one of the masterminds of Liberal Party who wanted to oust President Duterte from his power, and many people questioned the number of his votes "Why Did Franklin Drilon Get More Votes Than Duterte?"

In a blog post of Mr. Alon Calinao Dy, he said, "De Lima, Drilon and Trillanes (DDT) probably hate Diehard Duterte Supporters (DDS) for protecting the president and the future of the Filipino people who have been longing for a real change in the country. But DDS are unified and would do their part for the common good of Filipino people." 

Of course, not only DDT who wanted to remove the president from his power, but also some senators like Senators Pangilinan, Hontiveros, and others. Some say that big-time businessmen wanted to change Duterte as a President and the ones who have the power to dictate influential politicians to go against the president.

If the talks that De Lima and Drilon have plans against President Duterte, then Filipinos should be prepared about this since Drilon is still out there and who knows one day this allegation that Drilon, who is one of the masterminds to oust President Duterte, would probably have a good plan and is probably waiting for the perfect timing to execute his plan. 

Every Filipino wants to have a peaceful country, but due to personal desires of some corrupt political leaders, no wonder Philippines remains to be one of the developing countries who has a lot of issues in regarding corruption, illegal drugs and various criminal activities. 

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