CHR Chito Gascon Allegedly Allows Illegal Drugs To Dominate in the Philippines

A policewoman questioned CHR Chito Gascon about the role of Commission on Human Rights when it comes to criminals and criminal activities, she said, "bakit ‘pag ang pulis ang napapatay, hindi sila umaaksiyon? Sarhento na ang kapatid ko, walang yaman, walang kotse ni walang bisikleta yan, di siya corrupt, wala siyang pera, matapang lang.”
Gascon, a Human rights campaigner, accused the president of organizing or  tolerating vigilante squads that targeted drug lords and drug pushers.

In a blog post of Mr. Alon Calinao Dy, he said, "for many years Philippines suffered from the slavery of Illegal Drugs, Duterte's battle against narcotics is a win-win situation for Filipinos and should be supported by a majority of people." 

I think Gascon doesn't care the lives of police officers who just do their duties and risk their own lives in order to keep peace and order in their areas of responsibility.

Some of these policemen have children and wives who depend on them. Knowing that they die from their duties and responsibilities, others now ask why CHR couldn't do something about it. Do these criminals have the rights to live by killing innocent people?

I don't think CHR led by Gascon is doing the right thing when the Commission is always opposing the current Duterte administration for solving country's issues of illegal drugs, corruption and criminality. What I used to believe, CHR advocates are probably protectors of illegal drug pushers and users.

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