Pope Francis Delivers A Strong Message in UST

By Alon Calinao Dy: Thousands of people piled up today at the football field of the UST to witness the powerful message of Pope Francis with his "Encounter With The Youth" scheduled visit. 

The crowd felt the strong presence of the Holy Father, who taught Filipinos to learn how to cry and beg for the mercy of Jesus Christ.

At the outset of his homily, he asked the crowd to pray for the soul of Krystal, a woman who was killed during his visit in Tacloban City yesterday because of Typhoon Amang (Tropical Storm Mekkhala). The victim was a volunteer of the religious organization within the area, and was the only daughter of an OFW. 

Of all the powerful messages of Pope Francis, one speech touched the hearts of thousands of Filipinos when he said with confidence: "To think well, to feel well, and to do well." 

I tried to interpret what he wanted to say for everyone. The pope wanted to tell us to use our knowledge to help the needy and to use our loving hearts to forgive people who have wronged against us, putting all the good words into action.

The papal visit is really a blessing for many Filipinos. Some pilgrims even said that they are blessed to have been among the thousands of Filipinos who watched up close the beloved pontiff.

I am sure the Vicar of Christ on earth felt the warm welcome of millions of Filipinos not in the Philippines but around the world. His presence here in the Philippines energizes Filipinos to love one another and invariably think the welfare of their neighbor.

Let us not forget the true essence of his visit and let us put all the teachings of God not merely through words but into action.

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