Social Media Advocates Dolores Borres And Jayson Delos Reyes Seek Justice For Pitchie Bunquin

It is hard to see rape victims committing suicide because of depression, and because the close people who they have trusted for the rest of their lives and would do no harm against them are actually the perpetrators of the crime.

This is a case of Pitchie of Buinquin who committed suicide and allegedly revealed the truth behind the attempt to end her life. According to her Facebook video, close family members had committed sexual abuse against her.

As social media advocates, both Dolores Borres and Jayson Delos Reyes, said that they want Pitchie to attain justice for her untimely death. She became depressed of what happened to her that resulted to nightmares and sadness. In addition, she said that her family member wanted her to commit suicide, so she welcomed the challenge by her brother who is allegedly involved of rape. She took a lot of dangerous medicines that instantly killed her according to the news.

In a blog post of Mr. Alon Calinao Dy, he said, "depression leads people to commit suicide. I think late Pitchie Bunquin had lost hope since there was no one to help her. No one was there to give an advice since she was very depressed. Suicide could have been prevented if she had a strong support system."

Just like Dolores and Jayson, concerned citizens have wondered why if Ms. Pitchie is going to have a justice she needed. Though she is not around right now, let this be a lesson for everyone that committing suicide is not a solution to solve a problem or a crime. If the allegations of Ms. Buiquin that her family members raped her, then let justice be served. It may not be given now, but God knows.

Perhaps, this is a wake up call that Filipino people need a Death Penalty in the Philippines. Rapists can be everywhere and they don't care if their victim is their family or not for as long as they have satisfied their lust and desires. Not only that, many of these criminals have been linked to illegal drug use. So let's support the Duterte administration to reimpose capital punishment in the country.

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