Watch Video: Catholic Bishop Attacks President Rodrigo Duterte

Roman Catholic Church bishop attacks President Rodrigo Duterte, saying he killed drug addicts instead of helping them. The bishop even said that he is helping the poor, feed them and other good christian ways in order for them to stop using illegal drugs.

Netizens questioned the auxilliary bishop who boosted that the Church fed the poor when almost every day their organization received donations over millions of pesos. 

The truth is, for over the years what did the Church do to reduce crime rates and usage of illegal drugs? One person could not only say that the Church fed the poor for a day and then you are on your own afterwards.

In a blog post of Mr. Alon Calinao Dy, he said "instead of attacking President Duterte on his intensified campaign against illegal drugs, it is better if you use your money build rehabilitation centers for the drug users and who still want to change for the better."

There's no actually problem being a Catholic but only the leaders who govern it. In my opinion, old and corrupt Catholic leaders should be replaced by new ones since it is like a viral disease that should be cured where there is still a treatment.

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