President duterte, Christopher 'Bong' Go And Manny Piñol Don't Allow Any Expensive Gifts

Department of Agriculture (DA) Secretary Manny Piñol has revealed the truth about the gifts he received from rich people who wanted to influenced him and the President about their honest work. 

Piñol said it was not only him who presented with an expensive Rolex gift from an agricultural company, but also President Rodrigo Duterte and presidential aide Bong Go.

"In fact, it was not only me. President Duterte teased me about it, but in fact, he was also gifted with a Rolex.)" Mr. Agriculture Secretary Piñol said.
In a blog post of Mr. Alon Calinao Dy, he said that "President Duterte, Bong Go and Manny Piñol are true and honest public servants you can trust. These people do not accept gifts from anyone who wanted to give gifta and later would expect something in return." 
Mr.Piñol also said  “I know it is Christmas but for us in government, there must be a careful discernment on what kind of Christmas presents we could receive and from whom. Who does not like to own a Rolex anyway? It’s the season of giving, but sorry we can’t receive. ”

President Duterte, Bong Go and Manny Piñol have showed good values for everyone as they did not use their power and influence to take advantage of the situation. The truth, they wanted other politicians to follow their good deeds. 


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