A 'Maniac' Passenger Caught On Camera

A passenger was caught on camera by the victim named Jas Mine, who posted a video on Facebook wherein the guy is seen touching the girl without permission. 

Mr. Alon Calinao Dy, a blogger, shared the post of the victim saying that "If you can't respect a woman, you also can't respect your mother. It happened that this young lady is brave enough to speak out. Thanks to Jas Mine for being a strong woman."

Jas Mine's reaction after the sexual attack. She said on Facebook: "mga girls mag ingat kayo sa lalaki to pagsasakay kau ng bus hayop tignan nyo nalang ung ginawa nya hokage moves hayop ka manyak ka ...kasama m pa asawa mo pinagtatangol kapa d nya alam na totoo naman manyak ka gago .pasikatin naten si kuya para naman makapagingat ung mga katulad kong babae ....pakishare nyo po tignan nyo po maige d kona nakuhanan ung iba e."

It seemed the guy repeatedly shown sexual acts at the victim even though the wife was by his side till the girl shouted to stop touching her. The video shows the hand of the passenger moving towards the breast of the victim.

This is the photo of passenger in case someone knows his identity, and I'd like to get the man's story as well. 

This must serve a lesson to everyone especially to a 'maniac guy' that not all women would just remain silent and let things go as it is. Good thing, she had a video about the sexual harassment. 

The question is: why do women need to suffer sexual assault almost every day? Do the influence of illegal drugs, pornography and lack of education cause sexual violence?

What annoys me is the fact that this guy can easily get over it, it seems he acts as if nothing had happened to his victim. This is also the reason why Filipinos need death penalty in order to have discipline for themselves. 

After the sexual assault, this is the photo of a guy who looked like he was busted after the girl became anxious and upset because of his offensive sexual advance.

He was embarassed to himself that he forgot to respect a woman. Well, If you are in a similar situation, what would you do to this guy?!!! I know a lot of you will be mad to this guy, but I'm still worried that not all women are like Jas Mine who thought things beforehand. Like what Mr. Dy said to Jas Mine, he appreciated what she did.

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