Senator Leila De Lima's Lover Ronnie Dayan Confesses Receiving Drug Money From Kerwin Espinosa

By Alon Calinao Dy: Ronnie Dayan, a former driver and Senator Leila De Lima's lover, admitted that he received drug money from alleged Eastern Visayas drug lord Kerwin Espinosa on behalf of the former justice secretary.

Ronnie Dayan said, "kay Kerwin...meron akong natatanggap para kay senadora po" during a press briefing in the House of Representatives.

Ronnie Dayan confirmed that he received money five times from Kerwin Espinosa since 2014 and continued to receive money afterwards before the 2016 May elections. 

In a blog post of Mr. Alon Calinao Dy, he said "these criminals cannot hide forever. I'm sure the government and its people will look ways to find out the whole truth of those people who are involved in illegal drugs and where are the roots of these narcotics in the country."

Dayan pointed out that De Lima was aware that he was delivering money to her and turned millions of pesos into her accounts and said, "Hindi ko po binibilang magkano inaabot sa akin." He added that De Lima was the one who looked inside the package.

Dayan also denied that he was involved of illegal drugs for he was just doing his job, delivering money to Sen. De Lima from high-profile Bilibid inmates and from other drug lords who had transactions with the lady senator.

Mr. Dayan insisted "Talagang ayaw ko ng drugs na 'yan. Yung pag dawit sa akin sa drugs, gawa-gawa lang yun, hindi po totoo yun." In fact, he never used drugs before. 

At the moment, Dayan is expected to testify in the House of inquiry and expected to tell the whole truth in front of the committee. He also seek an immunity from the lawmakers conducting the probe. 

Again, Dayan said, "I really don't like drugs...That's why I'm here to tell the whole truth I know working under the former Justice Secretary Leila De Lima."

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