Gay Nurse Steals His Bestfriend's Boyfriend

By Alon Calinao Dy: One woman named Jennifer De Leon complained on Facebook about the private affair of her friend whom she considered as a "Bestfriend."
 Screenshot photo from Jennifer's Facebook

According to her story, this gay nurse who currently works abroad is sending a lot of money to her boyfriend every now and then. She hardly noticed it from the start because she thought they were just "close friends."

Until one day, she found out that they were dating and more than just friends. Even though she did not bring out the real name of her gay friend on her social media network, she was really pissed off about them. She was mad that her trusted friend and boyfriend cheated her despite they had established a long-term commitment.

She held a resentment because her relationship with boyfriend Bryan ended because of a gay friend who spent more than 100,000 pesos in a romantic date. She further added that the gay nurse was a rich one who has a huge salary in Ministry of Health.

Now she even cursed them. She was very frustrated about what happened, especially to her boyfriend who preferred to love a gay instead of a real girl. But she seems happy now since she saw the true color of her boyfriend.

She said her boyfriend was just after the money, but not a genuine love. She hoped they will burn in hell!

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