Mayweather And Pacquiao Meet Each Other And Exchange Phone Numbers

By Alon Calinao Dy: The long wait is finally over! Mayweather and Pacquiao agreed to see each other at AmericanAirlines, Miami, Florida. As seen in the YouTube video below, they shortly hugged each other as a sign of respect.

Edited photo from Youtube video
This is a good sign for all boxing fans around the globe that the two best fighters in the world have found time to gather and greet each other. They'd also exchanged personal phone numbers to sustain a direct communication about their upcoming fight.

According to the report, everything has been settled by the two parties, including the venue and payday of the two elite boxers. The signing of the contract is no longer a problem, according to an unidentified resource. The scheduled date of the much-anticipated competition will be announced shortly. 

Pacquiao, who is one of the best fighters of this era, just finished his appointment as one of the judges of Miss Universe 2014 that took place within the state. The team Pacquiao is positive about the final result of the meeting.

Mayweather, on the other hand, is happy about his meet up with the Filipino boxing icon. This implies that the undefeated American boxer has accepted the challenge and is willing to risk his perfect record. He is going to prove to the whole world that he is not afraid of anyone, especially to Pacquiao.

The possible mega fight is on May 2nd, a preferred date of Mayweather, which he believes it brings fortune to his career, and a lot of Mexican boxing fans are going to spend dollars just to watch him fight, win or lose.

Mayweather and Pacquiao are two different class fighters and true warriors who are excellent at what they do over their opponents in the past. This upcoming battle is not only for the money, but also for their good reputations as global boxing icons.

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