Do You Think Leni Robredo's Decision To Make 'SHABU' Legal is Effective To Decrease Drug Abusers?

Who would be in their right mind to say that in order to lower the number of drug users, the government should make 'SHABU' legal? 

Of course, it is legal so many people are going to use these illegal drugs but the root problem is still there. People who are drug dependents or who are under the influence of these narcotics are going to commit different crimes because they are not in their right minds.

In a blog post of Mr. Alon Calinao Dy, "I think Robredo compared Philippines to Colombia, but Filipinos are not Colombians. This is one of the problems among Filipinos, we try to copy other works."

Robredo said that Philippines should learn from Colombia's experience. I think Robredo should understand that if the drug war didn't work well in Colombia, it doesn't mean it would not work in the Philippines as well.

If people are going to Singapore, Middle Eastern countries and other regions, their respective governments are very strict when it comes to narcotics. That is why there are low cases of drug users...

Do you think netizens' comments about Leni Robredo that she is an idiot are true? Do really you think Leni Robredo's decision to make 'SHABU' legal is effective to decrease drug abusers?

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