Senator Kiko Pangilinan might Penalize Facebook Users Because of Their Personal Views: What Do You Think?

I am not a journalist, I am just a simple blogger who wants to share my personal views in social media platform like Facebook. I do not say that all my opinions are true, whether or not people believe in everything I say, but I intend to share my personal views about what is happening in the world we live in, this Meme Buster website, who is obviously in favor of the opposition and against the current administration, said something that I wrote fake news about Senator Kiko Pangilinan, De Lima and others. 

I repeat, I am not a journalist. I wrote about my opinions and people read about it because they can relate to my personal views. I do not report news and I am not affiliated to any some biased media, but I do believe I can share my thoughts in social media platform like Facebook. I do not have a control for those people who shared my blog to different Facebook pages because there are many of them. This what I can say to some news who said that I wrote "fake news," I give my opinion on the news. 
How many times I said to my readers that I am a pro Duterte and Manny Pacquiao fan. I know that there are some anti-duterte and anti-pacquiao out there who do not share the same perspectives, but I respect them. I know I can write whatever I want to say on my blog, but do not tell me that my opinion is fake. That is not your job to tell me. Also, this Meme Buster might be a troll, I did not see the author's name there. 
There is a big difference between opinion and news. If my personal views matter to you, well, thank you. I do not expect that my every blog post would bring your attention and to other social media trolls who do not even know how to put their real names. I have heard a lot that you are attacking all pro-Duterte Facebook pages. I respect your opinion, but I ask you respect mine, and if you are planning to go after pro-Duterte Facebook pages, well, good luck!!!

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