Rich Bishop Bacani: Willing To Spend 10 Million Pesos If President Duterte's Allegations Prove Right

Novaliches Bishop Emeritus Teodoro Bacani is willing to spend 10 million pesos from his pockets if President Rodrigo Duterte's allegations thatbhe has two wives prove right. The biahop accused the president for spreading rumors and gossips without proof. 
In one of the interviews, Bishop Bacani said, “he should be careful! He is a president and not just an ordinary gossip-monger.” 
Bacani has had the issues of sexual harassment to his former secretary named Rosalyn, a scandal that has reached all the way to the Vatican. According to some reports, Rosalyn admitted that "she was sexually abused and harrassed" by Bishop Bacani. 
In a blog post of Mr. Alon Calinao Dy, he said "Reports of some alleged priests who had issued of sexual harassment to women should be given attention by the government. It should not be tolerated even though  they are called 'the preachers of God' and that's what our justice should work for everyone."
Filipino people are aware that not all priests are devoted to their callings. The truth is, these issues priests who have wives had been the talks for decades by many Filipinos. It is just the Catholic Church does not want to talk about it and face the realities of life. Perhaps, they want to protect one another, but if it should not be addressed by their leaders, it would always remain an issue for many people.
Bishop Bacani accused President Duterte for many deaths in the Philippines that claimed more than 7,000 lives, but he was sensitive about the issues of priests who have had many wives in our society as he is willing to spend 10 million pesos if Duterte's allegations are true, are you serious? I do not know why priests have that large amounts of money. My question is, why don't priests give money away to the poor and to those people who need it?
Mr. Dy said "I don't think President Duterte needs money from Bishop Bacani. In fact, he rejected million pesos donations from the rich people in the last May elections because he did not want to have UTANG NA LOOB from them. That's my president, and I'm so proud about him. I think every Filipino should be proud about their president." 
I think it would be better for our country if Bishop Emeritus, Archbishop Socrates Villegas, and other Catholic priest leaders should stop criticizing the good plans of the current administration for our country and should stop intervening Philippine National Police's anti-drug campaign. 

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