Mga Kabataan Ngayon: Fraternity War at McDonald

The street war on children has been everywhere in the Philippines because each gang member believes that their fraternity can protect them from their opponents. I think this is a war that often seems impossible to win.

I believe these children should focus more on their studies than  going to their gang members and engage in this stupid gang war where they put their lives at risk and other people as well.

In a blog post of Mr. Alon Calinao Dy, he said "When I was an elementary student, I joined fraternity and I had been into a lot of troubles that my parents did not know what to do to make me a better person. They put me in the Seminary, and I changed to become a better person."

I always believe that these children have a chance to change their bad behavior if they really want to change. But, in order to change, they must be aware of their misconduct and be responsible for their actions. 

Education is one of the effective ways to help these children, but parents should be responsible for their children's actions. Without good guidance from parents or guardians, these children would continue to think that what they are doing is right even if it brings serious threat to others. 

What happened at McDonald in Imus, Cavite, was one of the examples of aggressive children behavior today that need to be disciplined by their parents or guardians so that these children who are gang members may not engage in any frat wars. 

Sad but true, this is happening in different parts of our country. Educating these children about the seriousness of their bad behavior is very important, and perhaps, may help them realize that they need to become better and law-abiding citizens. 

With the advancement in technology and through the help of social media, everyone can be a catalyst for change and everyone is responsible for their Filipino brothers and sisters who have lost their paths. Perhaps you may be saying to yourself, “It’s not my child so why should I bother?” Yes, it is true. But, what if one the victims is your child because you have not taught this culprit to change? So all I can say is that everyone is affected at the same time suffer from these consequences.

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