G Tongi Criticizes Mocha Uson For Being A MTCRB Board Member

I heard about the recent issues between actress G Toengi and Mocha Uson, questioning Mocha Uson's qualifications as an appointed MTCRB board member by President Rodrigo Duterte himself.

Mocha Uson felt she was disrespected by this former actress who has an intention to destroy her good reputation. Though I have not watched and heard G Tongi's video, Mocha Uson bravely admitted on Facebook and said "I was a sex blogger," I suddenly realized her sincerity. I think her conscience is clear and there is absolutely nothing to be afraid of even when things get rough for as long as you are on the right side of truth. 

Though I have a lot of blogger friends, I read about the comments of other people that my blog is a social media troll. Well, my blog is not a troll. First of all, my name is Alon Calinao Dy and I have been blogging for more than 2 years now. Though I am not as popular as Thinking Pinoy blogger, I write to know what people think about the current issues as you'll see my name to a lot of Facebook pages. Also, I admit I am a Rodrigo Duterte and Manny Pacquiao supporter. 

What can I say about today's issues between G Tongi and Mocha Uson? Well, I don't think G Tongi is as brave as Mocha Uson. Like what Maharlika said, G Tongi became a bold star and why it is she has the guts to criticize Mocha Uson when she happened to be a sexy star. What can you say about this, Mr. Riyoh? I don't think Sass Rogando Sasot will be happy about this.

I started to realize that through blogging seemed like the best flatform for sharing my personal views and I could do some wonderful things I enjoy to open people's eyes about the real problems in our country. As sad it is that some Filipinos are divided over Duterte's war on drugs, let us not be a hindrance to progress but let's support the current administration and be united for the sake of our country.

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