Malibay Pasay City Robber Surrenders To Policemen After A Viral Social Media Post

A known serial robber at Malibay Pedestrian Overpass in Pasay City surrendered to the authorities after a viral video circulated around social media. 

"Hidden CCTV cameras should be installed to all the streets around Metro Manila to find all these heartless criminals dead or alive," according to one concerned netizen. 

In a previous blog post of Mr. Alon Calinao as one of the peole who circulated this video, he said "stop crimes now and look for decent jobs. Do not terrorize innocent people because if you are caught doing this kind of criminal activity. People will know about it. Thanks to social media."

The robber asked for forgiveness to the victim but the victim refused because of the trauma she experienced during the incident and especially after it. 

Good thing that family members have suggested the suspect to surrender rather than hide from this crime. President Duterte wanted to have a safe and better country for everyone. So if someone is planning to the same criminal activity. STOP IT. 

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