Family And Friends of Slain Rape Victim Mitsi Joy Balunsay Cry For Death Penalty

Mitsi Joy Balunsay is one of the thousands of the slain rape victims who cried for justice and their family and friends are now asking for death penalty to be implemented soon. 

The self-confessed suspect in Trece Martirez, Cavite, Alvin delos Angeles, admitted the killing after the girl broke up with him. How many innocent women should be raped and killed before CBCP, Human Rights advocates and the so-called critics of Duterte administration would agree to the restoration of tge capital punishment in the country?

In a blog post of Mr. Alon Calinao Dy, he said "we've lost another innocent woman who has a bright future to fulfill all her dreams. He was raped and killed because her ex-boyfriend did not want to let her go. So sad..." 

I think the government should send a lot of law enforcers at Trece Martirez in Cavite since this place is allegedly known for "shabu" labs protected by high-profile drug lords. 

Although it's true that crimes are everywhere, family, friends and concerned netizens said that they wanted to have a death penalty in the country not only to have a harsh punishment for the killer rapists but also to make Filipinos feel that there is an existing law that protect the innocent children and women from this heinous crime. 

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