Senator Leila De Lima's Supporter Slams President Rodrigo Duterte

Senator Leila de Lima, a number one critic of President Rodrigo Duterte, returned last Tuesday after her visit to the United States and Germany for some meetings. 

De Lima's supporter Mr. John Odonnell Petalcorin defended the lady senator and released a video blaming the President for a series of killings in the Philippines. 

Mr. Petalcorin said on his Facebook timeline, "Du30 is the principal enabler of Serial EJK in PH. His word is an obvious evidence." He was happy to know that De Lima had received a recognition from international political magazine Foreign Policy.

In a blog post of Mr. Alon Calinao Dy, he cited his personal views by saying "a true international award should be recognized by a majority of Filipinos in and outside the country and not just a selected award by a few people." 

President Duterte reiterated that he will continue his campaign against illegal drugs as long as he remains in office. The lady senator may face cases filed against her after her overseas travel. 

The Liberal Party and some 'biased' media team claimed that De Lima went to the United Stated to be honored as a global thinker who was among the 100 Foreign Policy Gloval Thinkers recognized in Washington D.C.

Netizens criticized this "fake award" and saying that how could it be when the lady senator is allegedly received drug money and involved of the proliferation of illegal drugs and in the country.

President Duterte has an unbreakable spirit to eliminate all those illegal drug lords and pushers until there is no one of them destroying children's innocent lives. He said this over and over again, "I will kill you if you destroy my country," referring to all those criminals who continue to sell illegal drugs. 

A video of John Odonnell Petalcorin blaming the Duterte administration for a series of killings in the Philippines. 

A simple message of the President is that you don't do drugs and be a law-abiding citizen so that you are not afraid that a police officer might go over to your place to look for you.

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