Senator Kiko Pangilinan Got Mad To Duterte Supporters

By Alon Calinao Dy: Senator Kiko Pangilinan could not believe that Duterte supporters always blame his Liberal Party and the so called ‘yellowtards’ on social media if something wrong happen in the Phillipines.

Liberal Party (LP) acting President and Senator Pangilinan got over the continuous bashings of Duterte supporters on social media against  the so-called ‘yellowtards’ who were part of the Liberal Party.

Pangilinan reportedly believe that most Duterte supporters on social media are cyberbullies according to a lot of reports on the internet. In this way, yellowtards suffer at the hands of some notorious citizens who are followers of Duterte according to the senator.

“Masyado namang over doon. Lahat na, sinisi sa amin, maski na ang pagpatay kina Rizal at Lapu-Lapu,” Pangilinan said.

In a blog post of Mr. Alon Calinao Dy, he said "there is no way Duterte supporters would keep their silence especially when they'd learned that the past administrations had significant problems of corruption in the country."

Yellowtards versus Dutertards are just names on social media who are the supporters of the previous administration and current administration as these bashers are fighting each other on social media world. 

Perhaps, Sen. Pangilinan got mad over Duterte supporters who commented some harsh words to the supporters of Aquino administration. But the anger of many Filipinos who had been brainwashed and victimized by the previous administration will always remain in their hearts if these politicians continue to steal people's money and live a luxurious life without being caught.

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