World Famous Presidents: Duterte, Putin, Trump, And Xi Jingping Make A World Better

By Alon Calinao Dy: Perhaps, almost everyone is thinking why these world leaders became so popular around the globe that they have garnered a huge followers everywhere they go. 

There are many good qualities that make President Duterte, Putin, Trump, and Xi Jingping so very popular to people when it comes to some aspects of their personality traits.

I believe that what makes them great and effective leaders to their people is their honesty and an ambition to change a world to make it better. 

I guess I now believe the popular adage that "great leaders are born, not made." I think that what makes them effective and efficient presidents because they normally go above the expectations from their people.

According to the blog of Mr. Alon Calinao Dy, "one of the good characteristics of a great leader is always being prepared and anticipate things before they actually happen in real life. They also have clear visions..."

Aside from that, these great leaders are known to be good motivators as they usually share their vision with their supporters and encourage them to act on it rather than just react without doing something helpful for their respective countries.

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