Video Showing Beautiful Philippines Under Marcos Regime

By Alon Calinao Dy: The notion that Philippines was 'a dark age' under Marcos regime is a fat big, lie. 

I think for many years, Filipinos received false reports that former president Marcos was not a good president and stole a huge amount of money from people's pockets when in fact his government built many significant establishment that Filipinos are still enjoy and proud today.

Some say that Philippines is like Singapore now when Marcos became a president. I think the only reason why the Philippine economy deteriorated because of internal conflicts in which some people wanted to control the smooth run of Marcos regime.

According to the statement of late president Marcos about Martial Law: 

It was indeed to promote peace and order in the society. Some say that the problem was out of control among other abusive military personnel, but one of the late President Marcos' intentions was to really promote harmony in the country.

Perhaps, there were many Martial law victims during Marcos era. But the history showed that many biased media twisted the truth that Marcos had so many great plans for the country.

Perhaps, many school children were taught by the teachers about how evil the late president when he was still a president of the Philippines.

Perhaps, the real victim here was president Marcos himself when some of his trusted men turned against him and blamed him as a 'monstrous leader' when the truth revealed that these so-called trusted friends and allies had personal interests for themselves.

In a blog post of Mr. Alon Calinao Dy, he said "rich and powerful people wanted to control the government's decision-making during Marcos regime."

In the video above, it showed how beautiful Philippines was. But the succeeding administrations took it for granted to make the Philippines a rich, better and safe country for everyone.

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