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By Alon Calinao Dy: Netizens are calling for Senator Antonio Trillanes IV to immediately resign from his post when he couldn't prove his allegations on the BPI bank account that he had multi-million pesos but turned out as false accusations according to the bank itself.

Now, Sen. Trillanes and Sen. Leila De Lima got a star witness named Edgar Matobato. But other senators and a majority of Filipinos do not believe to the testimony of the witness since he couldn't provide a true story.

Senator Trillanes also vowed many times that he would resign as a senator when his allegations were not sufficient, but it seems all his accusations to President Duterte were proven wrong. 

Netizens are now calling for Sen. Trillanes to resign and to prove that he is "a man of words." But as expected, politics is politics. Perhaps, Sen. Trillanes did not realize the impact of his actions on how he became a public eye of the Filipinos because of the alleged fabricated stories he made.

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