President Rodrigo Duterte Believes Senator Leila De Lima Uses Church To Get Sympathy From Filipinos

By Alon Calinao Dy: After a controversial photo of Senator Leila De Lima who was at the church a few days ago after she was accused of being involved in illegal drug trade and drug money she received during her campaign, President Duterte believed that she was just using the church to get more sympathy from the Filipinos.

The popular adage "action is louder than voice" is hardly seen to Sen. De Lima after some high-profile inmates confessed and pointed out that she is involved in illegal drug business in the Philippines.

Reports also said that Sen. De Lima may be in danger since the accusation of being involved to drug money is a serious matter that most Filipinos condemned it.

Illegal drugs in the Philippines already killed thousands of lives, but it could not be stopped all these past years since some powerful and government officials are believed to be involved in these criminal activities.

Outraged netizens have said that the laws in the Philippines have no claws and too soft for the criminals. That's why these evildoers are not afraid to perform heinous crimes. 

Nowadays many law makers are planning to reinstate the death penalty in the country. But as usual, there are a number of religious groups who opposed for this including a few number of senators and congressmen. 

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