Who Are You Going To Support: President Duterte or Father Robert Reyes?

I have seen Fr. Robert Reyes in many different places around the Philippines, doing various activities for what he believes in. But I don't understand this priest anymore. It seems he is against government's policies in war on drugs. For many year he became a priest, he became a blind servant of God who let criminals live and let the victims suffer and die. 

Here comes a president who is willing to sacrifice his own so that Filipinos may live a peaceful life, free from criminality, corruption and illegal drugs. 

President Duterte protects the lives of so many innocent people who are against illegal drugs. The usage of narcotics means that it is a disaster for every Filipino family. 

I think President Duterte is right that the problem of drug use is not only here in the country but across the world. Just ask this question, how many people died each day because of illegal drugs? Do you think if the government allows the proliferation of illegal drugs in the country would make everyone safe? I don't think so.

In a blog post of Mr. Alon Calinao Dy, he said, "whoever a maker of this illegal drugs is a certified evil... Narcotics will make everyone's life miserable. I am sure of that."

So, who am I going to support between President Rodrigo Duterte and Fr. Robert Reyes? The one who said I will kill criminals for you to live or the who said Don't Kill Criminals and let's forgive them? So what do you think? I would definitely go to our beloved president. What about you? 
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