Is DENR Secretary Ms. Gina Lopez A Yellowtard or Not?

By Alon Calinao Dy: There are a lot of issues now all over social media, saying that DENR Secretary Ms. Gina Lopez is a yellow minion because she is a sister of Eugenia Lopez III, the owner of ABS-CBN. Some say that she was a protector of Gutierrez mining company. That's one of the reasons why she was rejected and the allies of Duterte administration voted 'NO' against her, and President Rodrigo Duterte even he wanted Ms. Lopez could not do something about it as this is a democratic country. Is it really the reason why she was rejected by the Commission on Appointments? Or, is it because she is Lopez?

I don't know if how many of you have watched the video of Attorney Antonio Oposa posted last April 19. He brilliantly explained everything in a form of stories, and I truly admired how he did that. I always believe in a good legacy that we Filipinos are going to pass to our children. My friends have asked me this question several times, "hey Mr. Alon Calinao Dy, what is important for you, money or legacy?" Of course, I always answered legacy over money as money can be spent overnight but taking good care of our Mother Earth and the lives of the generations to come is absolutely necessary and one of the reasons why I chose legacy.

Money is important but taking good care of our Mother Earth is way more essential, ensuring better lives for future generations. It is true that all of us are going to die someday, but what kind of legacy one person can give to his children if he chooses money over good legacy, which is preserving and taking good care of our environment. All of us here are just travelers in this world, and as responsible travelers, we must  enjoy our journey without destroying our sorroundings.

For now, I don't believe Ms. Gina Lopez is a yellowtard. I think she was just a victim of a political persecution because her surname is Lopez, a giant TV network in the Philippines who opposed the current administration. I do believe that she is different from his brother as she has strong principles that money cannot buy. What I want now for Ms. Gina Lopez is to prove to everyone that their allegations  about her are wrong, and that she has the mandate of the Filipinos to protect and preserve the Mother Earth for the next generation.

As a Filipino citizen, do you think that Ms. Gina Lopez is being used by the Liberal Party to get the hearts of Filipino people? Why there were LP senators voted 'YES' for Ms. Gina Lopez? If you take a look at the big picture here: why she was rejected by the Commission on Appointments? do you think she is a big threat to mining industries in the Philippines because she cancelled dozens of contracts? Or, do you think she just wants to make a good legacy in preserving the environment for our children? What do you think?
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