Senator Vicente Sotto III To Senator Antonio Trillanes IV: Do Not Spread Lies

Senator Antonio Trillanes IV has exchanged arguments to a lot of senators for his "destabilization plot" against Duterte administration. 

Senator Vicente Sotto III reminded Trillanes that he should not use the senate for spreading lies. Sotto said,  “We should not use the Senate as a venue to spread lies.”

Many Filipino people tagged Trillanes as the "handler" of Lascañas and another self-confessed DDS hitman Edgar Matobato. 

In a blog post of Mr. Alon Calinao Dy, he said, "I think Trillanes is desperate to destabilize the current administration, creating chaos among Filipino people. Good thing, Filipinos believe these darkness of lies."

Perhaps, Trillanes is enjoying the hate of Filipinos and he already showed to the world that he can make uo stories and spread the lies to everyone. He can argue with anyone, but in the end, he would deny all these allegations and would make some excuses. 

Not only Senator Sotto III is tired of all these lies, but many Filipinos as well. The so-called so much hate on social media is evident that Trillanes does not care about, as one netizen commented "If only words can burn Trillanes into ashes, I would gladly do it numerous times. Just to let him know, I really hate him." 

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