President Rodrigo Duterte:Rejects Honorary Doctor of Laws Award And Says I Don't Need It

President Rodrigo Roa Duterte said that he didn't want so many awards. He is just doing his job as the humble president declined the honorary doctor of laws degree offered by the University of the Philippines.

In a blog post of Mr. Alon Calinao Dy, he said "the president just showed to the Filipinos that  a person doesn't need to have many awards in order to prove that he is the best leader in the world. It shows in your attitude and how humble one must be." 

There are people who criticize the president that he might accept the award, but Duterte doesn't accept awards. He clearly said “with due respect to the University of the Philippines, I do not accept (awards). Even when I was mayor, I do not accept (awards),” the President said in an interview in Bohol. “Wala sa pagkatao ko (It goes against my personality).”

Mr. Dy also said, "I don't believe in award, as it can be made and it can be faked for the sake of award." He added,"the true award that a person can never be forgotten is the good service that you rendered to the people without expecting for something and asking for anything in return."

On social media, the president has earned many praises and thanksgivings for what he did since this award means nothing at all. The truth is, the president was already an honorable person that till now lots of world leaders have so much trust and respect with him that they called him as a great leader of this country.

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