Leni Robredo Calls Bongbong Marcos A Corrupt After Spending Millions On Poll Protests

Vice President Leni Robredo has called former senator Bongbong Marcos Jr. a corrupt politician after Robredo found out that Marcos is willing to spend that kind of money.

Robredo believes that it came from the Filipino people where his father became a cruel dictator in the country for many years of terror.

Robredo said in Tagalog language, "tapos na iyong eleksyon, feeling ko alam niya naman iyon. Pero iyong desire na makabalik sa kapangyarihan, iyon iyong nakakatakot."

In a blog post of Mr. Alon Calinao Dy, he said "speaking about fear, dapat hindi si Robredo matatakot kung sya naman talaga nanalo for vice president, but it seems clear for everyone, she didn't want a recount. Why? It seems she's hiding something very true. That's her fear aside from the fact that Marcos will go back into power."

Mr. Dy added,  "In fact, she knows it from the very start that she did not win in the last May 2016 election according to the testimonies of Filipinos around the world. To solve the allegation of electoral fraud, Robredo should not criticize the election protest of Bongbong Marcos Jr. and said something else." 

Despite the calling of many Filipinos around the world for a honest recount, it seems Robredo is reluctant to cooerate and coordinate. I don't think there will be a problem if a recount should be made by both parties as soon as possible. 

The people are so eager to know the truth. They are waiting for a recount. Why would you stop the calling of Filipino people if that is what they want to happen in this country? Why would you give another excuse for this?

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