Do You Want These Rapists Be Put To Death in the Philippines?

Some people, especially those religious preachers and critics of President Rodrigo Duterte, do not understand the big picture why the Philippines needs to reimpose capital punishment as soon as possible. One reason why many women want to enforce the death penalty is to prevent more rapes from occurring.

In a blog post of Mr. Alon Calinao Dy, he said, " I believe if the death penalty is enforced then less people will try to attempt to rape innocent women. Of course, it will still happen, but definitely there will be a sudden decrease in the amount of rapes committed."

Rape is surely as bad as murder, I mean most of the rape victims nowadays are also being killed by these rapists. So, you still want to forgive their evil deeds? Well, some people would simply say, "God has the only right to take one's life," but, are we going to close our eyes not to see the truth and let criminals live while other people are suffering because of their sick disgusting crimes?

Some would argue that these criminals are just sick people who need treatment for their monstrous actions. Well, they are not sick, but these rapists have chosen the wrong path to sexually assault an innocent woman. Do you think they can bring back the life of a victim after they rape and kill her? Of course, not. 

These serial rapists/rapists are real monsters living in human skin. If the government or law enforcers will not do something about their criminal activities, then we allow them to continue hurting other victims. A capital punishment is a strong message for all criminals who have plans to spread their demonic acts that the government is there to protect the interest of a majority of innocent people than to keep them alive.

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