DJ Mo Di Naka Score Kay Mocha Uson Kaya Nagalit sa Kanya

Reports said that DJ Mo could not believe that Mocha Uson will be very popular than him after President Rodrigo Duterte appointed her to be the new MTRCB chief executive. 

Mocha Uson did her part to support our beloved president in accordance with her sincerity to help the Filipinos and to change the corrupt system of the government. 

Mocha, a known supporter of Duterte, has a huge following that DJ Mo did not believe it that DJ Mo did not even score a slight margin in a recent survey regarding who is a popular celebrity between the two. Indeed, the outcome made Mocha Uson a superstar  than the TV host DJ Mo.

In a blog post of Mr. Alon Calinao Dy, he said, "Uson is an inspiration for Filipinos. Her support to our beloved president made a huge impact for Filipinos. But nobody could deny the fact that she is now the new queen of media for Filipinos."

It seems to me that Mo became jealous to the achievements of the former sexy actress that he questioned and  started to doubt about what she could offer to our country.

In my opinion, I don't think Mr. Mo understood the word 'action.' A person may look like intelligent but without sincerity and action to his word, it is useless. 

This is a reminder to everyone that not all people who have higher education would be a big factor in meeting our high expectations. A person can be considered as a good public servant if he is not corrupt and the one who is willing to serve the country well. In fact, many educated politicians are corrupt  and masterminds of illegal drugs and other criminal activities in the country.

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