A Proud OFW Shared Her Experience With President Duterte's Visit in Qatar

President Rodrigo Duterte has visited the strongmen leaders of Saudi Arabia, Bahrain and Qatar in his state visit to the Middle East this week.

The president is concern about the welfare and dignity of Filipinos living in Arab countries, but he is looking for over $500 billion combined investment capital of Saudi Arabia, Bahrain and Qatar to bring home more investment and jobs for the Filipino people.

Facebook photo of Minda Obeidat
Minda Obeidat, who has been in Qatar for many years, said, "for me, it's another dream comes true seeing the Philippines Flag displayed along the corniche area. I've been in Qatar for 18yrs as I remember this is the very first time."

She was truly grateful for the time he gave to our Overseas Filipino Workers/OFWs, she added, "thank you PRRD for making us proud." 

In a blog post of Mr. Alon Calinao Dy, a known supporter and blogger of the president, he said "President understands the difficult feeling of being so distant to your loved ones. He is hoping that someday, no more Filipinos are going to leave their families behind in order to make a living." 

Mr. Dy added, "I know how hard it is because I became an OFW in Saudi and Kuwait before I moved to United States, so it's truly hard to live alone without seeing your family for many years." 

Like Ms. Obeidat, many OFWs are now celebrating because President  has made a great effort to safeguard the rights and welfare of more than one million Filipinos who are working in those three countries.

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